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Keiko(Tatsuhana) Onose:
After graduating from Keio University, Keiko Onose worked at Itochu Fashion Systems and United Arrows before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey. In 2007, she founded the fashion retail store "The SECRETCLOSET" and in 2016, she launched the women's ready-to-wear brand "CYCLAS". The brand had presented collections as an official member of Paris Fashion Week. Keiko is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Media and Governance Program at Keio University, where she is doing her research on the agency and social value of the practice of making fashion. In June 2023, a part of her master's thesis was published as "Fitting Room: ”I” and the Social Worlds of Fashion" from Adachi Press. Keiko is dedicated to contribute to the enactment of alternative economic circuits, the inheritance of Japanese culture and craftsmanship, and the generation of employment opportunities through providing unique experiences of Japanese distinctive culture and craftsmanship.

Kaoruko Yasuda:
After graduating from Waseda University, Kaoruko Yasuda worked as an editor at WWD Japan, the Fashion News Editorial Department, and later at Madame Figaro Japan editorial department. In 2003, she moved to France and worked as a freelance editor and writer in Paris, contributing to publications such as "ELLE Japan," "Madame Figaro Japan," and "Vogue." In 2013, she published "Yearned-for Provence-Style Interior" (Kodansha). From the summer of 2018 onwards, she shifted her base back to Japan. While she had long been writing about the wonders of France, she grappled with the dilemma of recognizing Japan's excellence, stating, "Japan has many outstanding aspects that rival other countries." Currently, she is actively contributing to regional revitalization and promoting the appeal of Japan through inbound tourism business efforts, collaborating with team.

Kyoko Yabuki:
After graduating from Tama Art University, Kyoko Yabuki moved to New York. She studied graphic design at the School of Visual Arts and gained experience as an art director at the art book publishing house Assouline. She also contributed to fashion magazines such as "Madame Figaro Japan" and "Vogue," conducting interviews related to art, fashion, and interior design.
Subsequently, Kyoko engaged in the real estate industry and returned to Japan in 2019. Leveraging her knowledge of real estate and design, she founded Liveit Interior design studio and currently works as an interior designer. Drawing on her overseas experience, she aspires to practice sustainable and responsible tourism with a strong ethical foundation.

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