One-of-A-Kind Experiences of “JAPAN”

Japan is a very unique country with a history of more than 2,000 years. As an island nation, it is home to its own particular culture, nature and people. We at EVOKE81 propose one-of-a-kind experiences tailored to your interests, using the exclusive network we have cultivated. An experience to be 'Evoked', to open up your senses, to see and feel, and to know through dialogue with the people you meet. However, we are not aiming to be just part of an industry. Tourism should not fall into the category of consumption, but rather create culture and correctly return the benefits to the people who are responsible for it. We produce a sustainable circulation that does not destroy nature or people's lives. contact @

Our Message behind EVOKE81

The “E” in EVOKE81 stands for “Experience,” “Emotion” and “Evoke”. Through creating these three “E” s, we will connect the world and Japan with culture and enable a sustainable circulation.


An island country in the Far East surrounded by the sea, Japan had an isolationist policy for more than 200 years until it opened itself to the outside world in the 19th century, which fostered a unique culture.
Historic shrines and temples with our ancestors' prayers, old inn towns and castle towns that still retain the atmosphere of the olden days, and the rural Japanese landscape of thatched-roof houses and rice paddies.
Furthermore, the unique and rich culture nurtured over 2,000 years and the people who carry it are alive and flourishing here, from artistic culture such as the tea ceremony and flower arrangement to cutting-edge fashion and contemporary art.


While Tokyo and Osaka are among the world's largest cities, Japan has an incredible amount of green and unspoilt nature. From the world's clearest cobalt blue waters, to cedar trees that have lived for thousands of years, to beautiful lakes and marshes that nurture a wide variety of life, there is a rich variety to explore. Japan is a longitudinal archipelago with climatic zones ranging from subtropical to temperate and subarctic, and each region offers a diverse range of natural features.
Feel the sacred, untouched territory with all your senses.


Japan is a paradise for Gourmet. There is no limit to the number of variations, from refined cuisine such as sushi made by master artisans and tempura made from fresh seafood, to ramen noodles that have perfected taste through the spirit of ingenuity, to folk dishes such as Japanese style of curry and rare regional specialities.
And the people behind the flavours are the producers who passionately supply the ingredients on a daily basis.
Discover the essence of the cuisine for yourself, with the tastes that can only be experienced in Japan.